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IMAGINE (aka Sneha Shrestha) is a Nepali artist who paints mindful mantras in her native language and meshes the aesthetics of Sanskrit scriptures with graffi­ti influences. Being the first to mesh Nepali Alphabets with American graffiti, she has shown her work in sever­al exhibitions, commissioned works and public walls around the world from Boston to Kathmandu. Her show "Mindful Mandalas" was recently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 

Sneha has collaborated with international companies like Reebok, Neiman Marcus and Red Bull. Shrestha's work is held in the private collections of Facebook, Google, Ca pita I One and Fidelity Investments. 

Sneha is also an educator and social entrepreneur. She established Nepal's first Children's Art Museum to pro­vide a creative space where children and youth can de­velop 21st century skills through project based art expe­riences. 

Sneha received her Master's degree from Harvard Uni­versity. During her time at Harvard, Sneha explored ef­fective leaderships in education and the intersections of creativity, learning and technology. Besides painting larger than life murals and paintings, Sneha passion­ately supports Asian art by working as the Arts Program Manager at Harvard's Mittal South Asia Institute. 

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